Our team

We are  14 people: 9 of them are participants of  the meeting, aged from 15 to 27, and 5 are coaches, with diverse backgrounds as filmmakers, coordinators or journalists. We met on Monday morning, had to find common ground very quickly, we shouted, laughed, talked too much, were always busy and learned a lot.

Our goals

Our first goal is to make a good coverage of the event, of what is happening, the activities and the atmosphere. The second goal is to show the movement and its participants, where people come from, their diversity and what they do in their city or country. The third goal is to show serious work happening during the event, how we debate, discuss, formulate a strategy. The fourth goal is to share the good vibes, the love, the links that are created during this week.

Our projects

The videos are uploaded on the facebook page FridaysForFuture Europe. Follow us to stay updated !