SMILE Radio is ON AIR 90.4 FM

During one week, participants and voluteers prepared a radio about SMILE!

We broadcast all day long on 90.4 and Online and we are proud to present 4 events :

  • 10.30am -> Participants come live right after press conference
  • 1.30pm -> Interview and more prepared contents from the SMILE Summit
  • 3.30pm -> Live Climate Strike ONAIR
  • 5.30pm -> Climate Party Live until midnight!

Enjoy !

From Monday to Thursday we are interviewing people on the go, come and say hello! Be sure to tune in to 90.4FM and online at on Friday to listen to our live broadcast. 

Maria’s songs for climate

Maria speaks to Diana about the songs she loves and that have special meaning to her Maria is a young climate activist from Poland and a music lover. We listen to some of her favorites and she tells us how they relate to climate activism. Go to all...

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Extinction Rebellion Moldova

Interview of Ion Ungureanu and Eugheni Camenscic, participants of the meeting and members of the local group in Moldova of Extinction Rebellion The activists are asked if they will decide to have kids ? Ion and Eugheni travelled to meet other participants with the...

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Extinction Rebellion Suisse

Interview d'Ariane and Nicolas du mouvement Extinction Rebellion et de son antenne à Lausanne Présentation du mouvement XR (eXtinction Rebellion), ses objectifs et revendications. Plus de détails: Site officiel pour la suisse https://xrebellion.chWikipedia FR...

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Song by Maria

Young participants talk to Diana about their passion for climate-related issues. Maël and MariaHow did you become youth climate activists, and what are you expecting to learn at SMILE? Maël is a young climate activist interested in radio as a medium to share his...

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Song by Ariane

Young participants talk to Diana about their passion for climate-related issues. Ariane and EmileWhat brings you here, what are looking forward to learning, and what little things to you do to protect the planet? Go to all interviews

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First interview

Participants express themselves. Interview by the enthusiastic Florence Grivel (RTS). Vlad Debediev and Erik Christiansson, experience about climate around the world. Everyone is welcome for an interview ! Go to all interviews

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This is the Blog for SMILE, which will feature entries by particpants and communcations from the SMILE media team. 

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