Results of the meeting



As the SmileForFuture meeting was not a representative meeting, decisions on the Fridays for Future movement as a whole could not be made.
The participants of the summit agreed together on a non-binding declaration describing the movement, its shared values and core demands.


Déclaration Climatique de Lausanne – French

Dichiarazione Di Losanna sul Clima – Italian


Lausanne Climate Declaration

Working Papers

Working Papers are documents elaborated during the summit that have gotten wide approval in plenary session but either need to be approved in a Fridays for Future representative meeting or are not at exact final stage.
Those documents will be receiving feedback to be used at the next FFF representative summit.



During the week, the working group “Strategy and Operational Goals” elaborated a structure that aims at improving the work and coordination at international level. Strong emphasis has been put on independence of the working groups to tackle the difficult reality of international coordination.

Structure Working Papers

Post-event documentation

As SMILE for Future has ended, you can download a brief summary of the summit including all the public information we have about fundings. Here you can download this document: A brief summary of SMILE for Future

Open Forums


Here are the scans of the papers made during the week -> Here

Tuesday morning :


  • Energy sources, nuclear sustainable
  • Green new deal
  • OIDA, International Demonstration Austria
  • Climate justice games (Victoire Guilloneau)
  • XR & climate strike (Rupert Read)
  • Oceans clean up + plastic in the ocean + ocean ecosystems
  • Transport
  • Action modes: diversifying tactics
  • Links between UN summit and demonstration (Andrew Naydin)
  • Structure of FFF Europe
  • Creating narratives
  • FFF happy or sad? How shall we present ourselves to the public?
  • How to mobilize
  • Performing the message: sound, dance, art
  • Coordination with other movements and strategy / By 2020 we rise up
  • Climate emergency (Julia Steinberger)
  • September mobilization
  • Soil and climate 
  • Art in strike


Tuesday afternoon


  • System change
  • Degrowth
  • Let’s start with ourselves (Kaveh Madani)
  • Debate: can the European Union really fight climate crisis? (Nicolas Siorak, Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder and Sander Chan )
  • CO2 tax
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Civil disobedience
  • No new demand: stick to the “below +1,5°C, the Paris agreement & IPCC”
  • Social justice
  • Preparing a song for the march
  • Political system & politicians
  • Decision-making process on an international level
  • Indigenous people (Guillame Durin)
  • Education about climate crisis
  • Awareness of the climate crisis
  • Climate anxiety
  • Alternative systems: anarchy
  • Save the bees, they also have rights
  • Soil, climate & agriculture and Agriculture (Elsa Bernauer, Frédéric Brand)


Thursday morning


  • Climate, right or left wing? (inclusivity)
  • Life as an activist: dealing with school
  • Big companies: how to fight them
  • September mobilisation 20-27th
  • What do we want? Climate justice! What does it mean?
  • Storytelling (Adrew Avaaz)
  • Extinction Rebellion (Roger Hallam)
  • Disruptive fossil fuel finance (Nick Bryer)
  • European Citizens Initiative (ECI)
  • Stepping up our game: we only get attention if we provoke
  • Movement building and momentum (Payal Parekh)
  • Climate live aid
  • Ecology of the self: how to avoid burn-out? (sustainable activism) (Eric lainey & young doctors)
  • Crash course: from climate activism to climate action (Alasdair Skelton)
  • Polluting industries: fashion
  • Capitalism / anticapitalism
  • Climate & new IPCC report (Jean-Pascal van Ypersele)
  • How to engage, inspire, persuade & change minds (George Marshall)