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6:00 to 9:00 Arrival day Wake-up and breakfast Wake-up and breakfast Wake-up and breakfast Wake-up and breakfast Wake-up and breakfast

Departure day

9:00 to 12:00


Open forum

Strategic plenary

Open forum

Prep. of the strike

12:00 to 14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 to 18:00

Open forum

Open forum

Touristic afternoon

Strategic plenary


18:00 to 00:00 Supper and icebreaker games Supper and free time Supper and free time Supper and free time Supper and climate party

                                The strike starts at 3pm. On the programme it starts at 2pm since we need to move from the meeting place to the center of Lausanne.

Open forum program – clickable links


With the help of the European working group “program” and the sustainability Centre of the University of Lausanne,  the whole week has been planned with plenaries, group discussions and activities related to climate change. The open forum will consist of group discussions, workshops and talks on topics that participants will choose and suggest on the first day. Strategic plenaries are essential to decide of the future of our movement, decisions will be taken by consensus. On August 9th, an international strike will happen in Lausanne, followed by a climate party! 

Strategic plenaries

The plenaries taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday will aim to reach consens on three documents about our

  • values and principles
  • strategic and operational goals
  • demands

These documents are participative. The ideas are collected before the meeting. As a participant you have received the access to the documents by e-mail. You are very welcome to suggest your ideas. At the meeting we try to reach consens about the suggestions. 

To reach consens, participants will be in small groups and will have the possibility to ask a question about a proposition OR amend it OR reject it with an explanation. This will be in the form of cards placed on a board everyone can see. If a proposition has no input then we will consider it as accepted by consensus. The Strategy working group (WG) working specifically on the documents will modify the propositions with the input given by the participants at the plenaries. 

At the end of the meeting, the propositions who were accepted by consensus will be published.   

Open forum

On the first day of the meeting, participants will have the opportunity to suggest a topic for a group discussion.

On Tuesday and Thursday morning about 20 discussion groups will take place simultaneously in different rooms. These discussion groups have no specific goals. The purpose of the discussion is defined by the group itself and is self-managed by the group. If your group has a new suggestion for one of the “Strategy document” (the ones sent by e-mail), you can suggest your proposition to the Strategy Working Group and it will be taken into account for the next strategy plenary.

Moderators and experts will also help structure the discussions. We will provide a check-list to make sure the discussions go smoothly. Reporters from each group will make a summary of the discussions in their groups.

In parallel we have invited speakers who will give talks and workshops on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Therefore, participants can choose whether they participate in a discussion group or a talk from a speaker, at any time.

As a participant, you create your own program!

The strike (August 9th)

On August 9th we will strike all together in the city.

When ?     3pm
Where ?   It will start at Place de la Gare, in Lausanne
Who ?       EVERYONE is very welcomed to join us !

Following the strike, you will be invited to a leaving party with concerts and food in the city.

You can find more info (flyers, posters to print) by clicking on the menu bar on “STRIKE 9TH AUGUST”.
We hope to see you there! 🌍


Le 9 août nous ferons grève tou.te.s ensemble en ville.

Quand ?  à 15 heures
Où ?          Rendez-vous à place de la Gare à Lausanne
Qui ?       TOUT le monde est bienvenu

Après la grève, vous serez invité.e.s à une fête de départ avec concerts et nourriture dans la ville.

Vous pouvez trouver plus d’infos (flyers, affiches à imprimer) en cliquant dans le menu sur “STRIKE 9TH AUGUST”.
Venez! 🌍

Touristic afternoon

For one afternoon, participants will have the possibilty to discover the beautiful city of Lausanne and spend some free time together. Some activities will be organised, such as visiting museums, the cathedral, have a swim in the lake, hiking in the countryside.


All the food is vegan and offered to the participants, volunteers and speakers. Click here to have more information about food