Tuesday afternoon, about fifty participants have assisted at a talk gave generously by Anja Kollmuss about the historical links between the rise of the capitalism and the fossil energies which began at the Industrial Revolution (two hundred years ago) and which served to keep the people under control. Anja explained the logic system of the capitalism and its specific goals: produce more and naturally make profit. She linked two spheres: the first, the consumption’s sphere and the second, the sphere of production.

Later, her colleague, Julia Steinberger, explained the links between economy (social science, without natural laws) and the fundamental physics. She talked also about the car culture and our dependence of fossil energies. She shown a pentagram with five steps indicated how the automobile culture has decreed the last fifty years. The active participants could debate about the modern capitalism and how successful exit the car culture. They voicing their opinion and discussing amongst themselves.
We have observed the broad-spectrum concerning the ideas to quit the automobile culture going to convert the fossil cars in electric cars to the defendense at the hunter-gather societies.

Crédit photo: François Vermot